Peek in My Classroom

I'm still in denial that school is starting tomorrow! I am teaching at a new school this year which is exciting and terrifying at the same time! We have a closed campus on the weekends or else I'd be there right now! I am not 100% done decorating so some boards are still a work in progress.

FIRST door sign with a room number EVER!!! So excited :)

The "before"....

This is what my room looked like when I first got my keys! I was SO excited for all the equipment I got.  I have a Smartboard! Now it's just time to learn how to use it....minor detail ;)

I took a picture of this in my classroom but it didn't come out because of the glare so this was taken at my Moms house.  This is the Welcome sign from my Puppy Theme Decor PackGot to love the little bones!


View from the front door, looking to the right!

View from the front door, looking to the left!

This is my teacher desk with my burlap Fourth Grade banner! I found burlap ribbon at Walmart which made the perfect matching border! Go UC Davis!!! 

My Math Talk board! I have resources up now but once the kids start to share their own strategies, I will hang those up! I always love to put as much student work up as possible.  Our district provided these amazing posters for us!

Social Studies and Science boards...plain now but student work to come!

My favorite part of teaching Fourth grade is the state history! California has a fascinating history that is so fun to teach about.  The best part is that there are so many historical missions and ranchos around us, making for great field trips!

The puppy theme continues!!! This is my Language Arts board with my library underneath. Again, this is another great place to hang student work.

This is my slowly growing library with my Puppy Theme Decor Pack labels! Our school uses the AR program so I need to relabel my books. I'm not very familiar with the program so it's on my list of things to learn! 

This is my classroom jobs, calendar, birthday, and student file area! I still need to hang my clock! These classroom jobs can be found in my Classroom Jobs pack on TPT. On the first day of school, I take their picture, print, and cut out to glue on the top of the popsicle sticks.  I change their classroom jobs at the end of every week. 

I am SO EXCITED to try out Boggle Math from The Teacher Studio! I am going to put two different activities in the folders to the left.  I will rotate out one activity every week so there is always something new to try! This is going to be great for early finishers and math centers. 

I have not one but two giant rolling storage closets! They are great for storage but take up a lot of room so I've had to tape things to the front.  My fourth grade team is using these GROUPS an SLANT posters during the first week of school when introducing collaboration time. We'll see how it goes! It's always nice for the students to have a visual reminder to stay on task.

It's still a bit cluttered over here but I will use this area for my small group time. It's always been my dream to have a kidney table in my classroom.  Feeling so blessed! It's the simple things in life... :)

This is my initial set-up for group rotations.  I bought little calendar circles from Lakeshore, laminated them, put a magnet on, and voila I have movable student numbers! I'm just thrilled to have a whiteboard that's magnetic! All my Beagle magnets are hiding behind the Smartboard :)

Puppy lunch card holder! I found these little bones on sale but they would be really easy to cut on the Cricket.

Final view of the front!

Final view of the back!

After two weeks of setting up and planning, I realized on Friday at 4 that I have not one sharpened pencil in my classroom! I guess I know what my #1 to do is for Monday morning!!

My room is always changing so more pictures to come throughout the year! Thanks for stopping by :) Happy First Week of school everyone!

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