Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Currently!

Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! It's November 1st :)

I'm linking up with Farley for her monthly currently. 

Listening: My fiance is SO excited for the new Star Wars Movie that is coming soon. I told him that we should catch up on the old ones tonight.  I swear it was like I told him he won the lottery! I guess I now know the real way to his heart.

Loving: November means cool weather is in sight! It's like 80 now instead of 90! WAHOOO I love the holidays, even though they always turn into family drama. I love decorating and spending time with my crazy family. I love buying gifts for people and reflecting back on the year. 

Thinking: I think I'm all prepared and ready to go for our March wedding and then BAM I wake up and it's NOVEMBER! Only 145 more days left. AHHHHHH So much to do! Time to starting freaking out.

Wanting: We get November 11th off but I really could just use a long weekend. Don't get me wrong, one extra day off will be amazing, but I just need to sleep! Thanksgiving break needs to come sooner!

Needing: October was the first month where I actually made some real money on TPT.  It was a huge milestone month for me! It brought me so much joy waking up to a Cha-Ching and to read valuable, helpful comments from total strangers using products I've made! It just blows my mind that other people out there want to use my ideas.  It's been a great month and I need to spend some time making more products so that every month can feel this way.

Yummy: I love all Thanksgiving foods minus the turkey! haha I especially love my Mom's chocolate pecan pie.  I could eat it for days...yummmmmm.

Time to go snuggle up with the fiance and pup and sleep with my eyes open WATCH Star Wars.


  1. Some of our friends were just talking about the Star Wars opening! They are planning their outfits! :)
    Extra sleep sounds good! The Techie Playground

  2. I feel like we're living parallel lives! My fiance is also excited about Star Wars, I'm also freaking out about wedding planning, and making more products for TpT. (Well, for my munchkins, then posting on TpT). Congrats on TpT progress, I totally agree how rewarding it is to see those helpful comments!