Sunday, July 26, 2015

Teacher Faves - BTS 2015

Isn't the best part about going back to school the "back to school" shopping? I've started to grab some of my faves since school is just about a month away!

I'm excited to see what other teachers just can't live without! 

Who doesn't love Mr. Sketch markers? I need to stock up on some new ones this year.  Last year my "teacher" markers all ended up in the student marker bin! These are just the best markers for coloring, making charts, etc.

Getting back into the school routine is so hard! After a summer of eating, sleeping, and doing whatever I want, whenever I want, being on a schedule is hard (even though I secretly miss the schedule!).  I love to have Kind bars and mini bags of popcorn in my desk, just in case I start to get all know what I mean!!! 

A cute frame for your desk is a must have! I snagged this doggie themed mini frame at Michaels. When I have those tough days at school or I am going on my 13th hour of work, looking down to a picture of my favorite people always brings a smile to my face.  It's crazy to think that I can fill this frame with a wedding photo in just 8 short months! #notimetoteachmustweddingplan

I love that my birthday is in the summer because I can ask for this overpriced Erin Condren planner for my birthday and not feel guilty about it! It's a WIN-WIN! My puppy, Diego, loved helping me open it! I know teachers are moving to "electronic" planners but I just love paper and pens too much! Call me old school! 

I lose my voice on the first week of school almost every year! I snagged these new water bottles recently and I'm excited to start using them.  With it being 80+ degrees right now, I've got to stay hydrated! 

This makes me both excited for school to start and depressed that school is starting.... Time to go to the beach and soak up that last bit of summer!

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