Monday, March 2, 2015

March Currently!

Boy does time fly! That's right month closer to SUMMER! I'm linking up with Farley for the March Currently.

Listening - It was a crazy rain day at school today. Open campus + downpour = fun...said no teacher ever!!!!

Loving - Spring strawberries in San Diego are the BEST!! They seriously taste like candy. You get them from this little tiny stand on the side of the road for an outrageous $9.  Worth every single penny. They are HUGE just amazing.

Thinking - March is one of my favorite months of the year! Not only did I live in Ireland for a summer in college, but I've got some Irish in me...Foley..sound Irish, right? I love the green, the shamrocks, Read Across America, St. Patty's Day celebrations, and of course...SPRING BREAK!

I've started decorating my house with some green goodies!

Wanting - One of my besties, Shout Out to Sara!!!!, lives in Tennessee. She decided to get married and run away to TN!!! Booo Come back to San Diego!! I miss her dearly and can't wait to see her this summer, if not earlier :)

Needing - I guess they call it Spring Cleaning for a reason. There's something about this time of the year that makes me want to just cleanse my life of everything. I started this weekend with my file box but I need to clean the closet next, and the kitchen, and my classroom...that's a whole other story.

Spring Break - Our Spring Break is the last week of March. I can't wait! The boy got a few days off so we will actually get to spend a few days together....not working...relaxing....WOW. So excited! We are going to go to Palm Springs for a fews day and relax by the pool. My sweet baby D is turning 2! Time to parttttyyyy. 

Throwback picture to his first birthday party! Hats and all.

Happy Monday Friends!


  1. Those strawberries look incredible and I love your flowers for the month of March!

  2. Mmm! Thore strawberries look amazing! Happy birthday your sweet puppy!
    The Education Kingdom

  3. Those strawberries do look yummy. All the fruit I like has been out of season up here in Canada. :( I am so ready for some yummy fruit once the warm weather gets here if it ever does. Your pup looks so cute!

    Lovely Literacy and More