Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Currently!

What?! It's December??? Bring on the Christmas music, trees, lights, overpriced chocolates, and glitter projects! I absolutely LOVE December and everything it brings. I am so excited to link up with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for the December Currently.

Listening - I've gone through every radio station and can't seem to find the Christmas music channel.  So, it's Kelly Clarkson Christmas CD for the next 4 weeks.  I've memorized track 12, thanks to my lovely morning commute to school!

Loving - We got our tree up this past weekend! I've never put it up so early but it just seemed right. I love the smell of the tree. There's just nothing like it!

Thinking - I have about a week to teach division to my fourth graders! EKKKK This seriously stresses me out since I had a student ask me last week, "What's addition?" and another student tell me that 25 is even.  Oh boy! This is going to be interesting!

Wanting - It is RAINING in San Diego. What? Rain? What is that? I can't remember the last time it rained in San Diego.  I swear the trees have grown 5 feet in the last 24 hours.  They were SO thirsty.  Two days of rain is enough. Bring back the sunshine!

Needing - December is the best month but the hardest!  Come on TPT sales, don't let me down!

Giving - I'm on my third batch of cookies this week. Holiday parties, thank you gifts, special treats...too many cookies!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Only 12 more days and it's Christmas Break freedom for 3 weeks! We can do it!


  1. Hi Katie! Just found your blog through Farley's link-up. I LOVE it! I'm a huge puppy fun, too, and this is such a cute design:)
    Okay, I had to laugh at your rain comment. I live in Victoria, B.C. and it rains most of the winter:) If it was sunny all the time I'd think something was seriously wrong:)
    Good luck with the division!! And Merry Christmas!
    BL Designs

  2. We are big cookie bakers for the holidays too. We take them around to neighbors and such. We really like snowball cookies. Super easy to make. Happy holidays!

  3. I also need to start our holiday baking. I love giving them away as gifts. I'm also making my friends homemade vanilla extract this year. Happy Holidays!
    Joya :)