Monday, October 6, 2014

Mathematical Monday - Strategies Galore!!

Happy Monday Blogger Friends! I spent the weekend preparing for my first official observation at my new school.  There is nothing more terrifying than being watched as a teacher! I have to remember that I always come away from observations learning something new, which only makes me a better teacher.  As many times as I remind myself of this, the butterflies don't go away!

I'm linking up with I {Heart} Recess for the first time! I'm loving her Mathematical Monday linky party.

We've been working on Addition and Subtraction in fourth grade.  I have to give a big shout-out to the third grade teachers for doing a great job prepping the students! They know their strategies.  We've reviewed all the strategies from last year and added the Standard Algorithm for fourth grade.  It's an anchor chart party in my room!

What Addition and Subtraction strategies do you use in your classroom?

I've been working hard on getting the kids to check their subtraction by using addition! I've had a lot of "Ah-ha" moments when their addition doesn't work out and they look at my like, "I subtracted wrong!" It's been a great learning experience for them and it makes them truly think about their problem solving.

I do Math Centers EVERY DAY! I think it's so important for me to work with a small group and the students are so motivated by math games and task cards.  I've never had a problem with kids goofing off because they know it's a privilege to play games and they don't want to mess that up. With that being said, it's a constant challenge keeping the math centers new and exciting.  I created this Fall Themed Math Center for them to work on this week! I will be getting my laminating on this morning!

You can grab this math center here.

Have a great week!!!

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