Saturday, August 16, 2014

10 Followers and the Target curse!

I reached 10 followers today! Whooohooo...that counts as a milestone right?

How is it that every time I go to Target I can't leave without spending $50? It's like the Target curse! There are just so many amazing things that are always calling my name.  The dollar bin section is a teacher's dream! I found these tiny calendars the last time I was there.  I instantly knew these could come in handy one day! As I walked through Target, all these teaching ideas came to mind!

I laminated each picture so they will last for awhile.  I am going to use these to teach about using your senses, feelings, and descriptive language in writing.  I will have my students brainstorm words that describe their individual pictures. There are enough pictures for each student to have their own, rotate them, and do it again! I've also done a similar writing activity using postcards I've collected from my travels.  

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What are some of your favorite dollar bin finds?

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