Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekly Units

Weekly units come in handy during the year.  Whether it is a weekly grammar review, weekly science question, or weekly word problem, they show growth and student progress.  These types of units allow me to gather data on students throughout an entire year which makes it easy for me to conference with parents and students about their development.  With the introduction to Common Core, I created weekly word problems, that can be used for homework or in class.

Normally, I would have my students complete their weekly word problem at home.  When they brought it back to school we would have a class discussion on what strategies were used.  I always have students solve the word problem using at least two different strategies.  This really gets the students thinking outside the box and encourages them to learn from each other.  During strategy share time, students use "Math Talk" to show their thinking.  I love watching the students learn to talk with one another about their own thinking.  Every year they impress me with the different strategies and creative ideas they come up with. Weekly Word Problems with Strategy Share

I love printing this unit in August and having it ready to go for the entire year.  What units do you prep ahead of time for the whole year?

The First Post!

Welcome to my brand new blog! I started my teaching career with no books and no other grade level teacher. I was also completing my MA in Education and BTSA when starting out.  Teacher blogs and TPT saved my life and taught me so much!  After five years of teaching, I am starting this blog, hoping that I can continue to learn from all those amazing teachers out there.  Thank you fellow bloggers for helping me get started as a teacher!

More posts will be coming soon.  Any blogging tips are greatly appreciated!